A group of seven people. From the left: a person in a T-shirt holds one book in their left hand and passes a different book overhead with their right hand; a person wearing a grid-patterned T-shirt and hoop earrings takes the book from the first person; a person wearing a beanie hat and long-sleeved shirt with a front pocket holds one book away from the group with their left hand, leaning over the person in the grid shirt to pass a book to the man below; a man with a button-up shirt and two front pockets takes the book from the person in the beanie hat while selecting a different book from a person in a long-sleeved shirt who wears a watch; a person sits in front of the man with two front pockets, hands clasped under their chin and a book open flat in front of them; a person wearing glasses, a headband, and a floral shirt holds a book open with both hands, reading; the person with the watch passes a book to the man with two front pockets with their right hand and holds a book with their left. A stack of three books (one with a bookmark) is in the foreground next to the person clasping hands under their chin.
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Cohort learning—whether in person or virtual—is growing in usage, and learning professionals must be prepared to implement it. In this issue of TD at Work, Rich Reitter will teach readers how to:

  • Describe the benefits of cohort learning.
  • Identify the appropriate cohort learning model for your organization.
  • Prepare your organization for a cohort learning program.
  • Execute and maintain an effective program.

The Tools & Resources in this issue are a Cohort Course Development Road Map and a Selecting Key Performance Indicators Worksheet.

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